Over seven days, from November 16 to 22, thousands of volunteers from all over the world will shine a light on the scourge of substandard housing and demonstrate what can be accomplished when families, communities and nations come together in an effort to build a future where every man, woman and child lives in a decent home.
Everest Build 2014 aims to build at least 100 houses in a week. Around two thousand international and national volunteers will work alongside Habitat home partners to construct houses in five different models in the village of Jaymangala, Chitwan district. House sizes will vary accordingly to family size; allocating 3.5 square meters (sq. m.) or 37.5 square feet (sq. ft.) per person, and each house will have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a toilet.

Habitat for Humanity Nepal strongly supports the preservation of the natural environment, and actively promotes the development and use of sustainable building materials that will be incorporated in all 100 houses.


Dear Habitat volunteer,

Welcome to Habitat for Humanity’s Asia-Pacific ‘Big Build’ for 2014 – Everest Build III in Nepal. We are extremely delighted that you have made the commitment to extend a warm hand of friendship to low-income families in Nepal. Congratulations on making a life-changing decision. By giving your time, effort and resources, you are making an invaluable contribution to the building of homes, communities and hope in the country.

For families who are determined to break out of poverty, your support to build a new home alongside them brings with it the anticipation of building a better future for themselves. In concrete terms, breadwinners have a safe, adequate and affordable home where they can rest after a hard day’s work, and ensure that they wake refreshed to labor another day.
For children, a new home offers a chance to grow and thrive in surroundings that are safe. A place to live where they are sheltered from bad weather, fall ill less, go to school more regularly, and get to enjoy childhood.

For volunteers, it is the meaningful experience of building and interacting with Habitat home partner families. This is topped off with home dedication ceremonies to celebrate the fruits of hard labor. I have been on many Habitat build trips, yet I still get the warm feeling of goodwill seeing a fellow human being have a decent place to live.
Whether this is your first or 20th build with Habitat, you will be making a significant difference. Everest Build III in 2014 builds on the success of 2010 and 2012 events. You will be working together with 100 families to construct houses built with sun-dried bricks and environmentally-friendly bamboo.

Everest Build III 2014
Your support of Everest Build III will play a major part in assisting 100,000 low-income families in Nepal to live in safe, decent homes – Habitat for Humanity Nepal’s target by 2016. In addition, as this is the only Big Build in the region in 2014, part of your donation will support home partners and programs in other Asia-Pacific countries.
May God watch over you and grant you success in your build.

Rick Hathaway
Asia-Pacific Vice President
Habitat for Humanity


Dear volunteer,

Thank you for choosing to come and participate in this exciting and incredible seven-day build at Jaymangala village in the Chitwan district of Nepal.

Thank you for supporting Habitat for Humanity Nepal in its life-changing mission to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

We deeply appreciate your contribution of time, talent and resources that will go a long way in transforming the lives of families and communities in Nepal.
As we have enjoyed putting this event together, we hope that you will enjoy the build. Just as all Habitat’s home partner families will be blessed with a house, I earnestly believe that in giving you will receive many blessings.

Habitat goes beyond just building a house – with your help, a family living in a decent home can shape a brighter future for themselves and the community they live in.

Have fun and work hard. Kathmandu ranked third in Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2013 as a destination on the rise in the world, and is the top rising destination in Asia, so enjoy exploring the beauty of Nepal.

Yours sincerely,
Aruna Paul Simittrarachchi
Country Representative
Habitat for Humanity Nepal

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Everest Build III Site Map
from EB III site (Padampur Rd) to East -West highway


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