Tuesday, March 18, 2014

“We had a great time during our Nepal GV. Thank you very much for all the support. Our team had great time. I would love to come back to Nepal again.” -  Hiroki Shigeta.

“This GV was a great experience for me. I shall never forget visiting Nepal this spring. Nepali people are very kind and the children are cute. I love Nepal. Thank you so much.” - Orie Fumoto.

Construction of block house by volunteers
 On 23rd February, 16 volunteers from Japan worked along with HFH Nepal’s partner organization Shreejana Development Center with the aim of building a new home for Babita Pariyar and Shanti Tiwari. Over 11 days, they built two cement block houses. Team was involved in mixing mortar, plastering, carrying the blocks and water. After the build the team members were very happy to see the smiles on the family members. 

Every volunteer was aware about his/her responsibilities. The team worked very well around their assigned duties. They were diligent and helpful to each other. With the teams extreme hard work, they were able to provide two new homes for the families. In addition, the families shared their love and warmth with the volunteers and were grateful for their help.

“We would like to thank HFHN and volunteers from Japan from the bottom of our heart. We are proud to have you as our house builders. Thank you for being cheerful every day.” – Shanti Tiwari (Home Partner)

             Volunteers enjoying their work on the site.


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