Thursday, December 1, 2011

The sky is clear blue; the rainfall has lost its way. The brightness of Autumn and the wait for winter, the clear Mountain View and the perfect weather makes it way for us to get busier for the Global Village Teams from October to November.
October –November was indeed the most eventful month for all of us at Habitat Nepal. The number of Global Village teams coming in and going out kept us busy, excited and it certainly moved us closer to our mission.
We hosted a total of 8 teams during October and November. To start was the 13 member Dutch group led by Don Van Dasler from October 15-22 in Morang. Their stay of one week was fun filled and very productive. Rajesh had a lot to learn and share after the build.

Dan Stowers led an 18 member team to Tikapur, Kailali from October 16-27. This experienced team leader was an asset to the team as well as the community and was successful in completing two houses and renovating two houses.

Mike Rodrique led a big team from Oct 28-Nov 11. It was a 25 member group who completed 4 houses within two weeks. The host coordinators Narayan and Sujit had an excellent time throughout the build and so did the team members.

To follows them was the team from HFH Knoxville who went to Kavre. It was a 14 members team led by Tom Pfalzer. They built two mud and stone houses and filled their stay with laughter and fun as well. Rima hosted the team and came back with a big satisfied smile.

Then, we had more exciting times coming. There were three teams arriving on Nov 6, 2011 and working till Nov 18. Steffan McNally from UK led a team to Morang from Nov 6-17. The ten member team built a bamboo house and left home with fond memories. Rajesh did an extremely good job once again.

Jennifer Isely led her team to Chitwan from November 6-18, 2011. It was a jovial 16 member team. They built a brick house there. Rashmi, the Host Coordinator returned home with a lasting friendship.

Suzanne led her 13 member to Pokhara and built 3 cement block houses. The cooperative team gave Habitat Nepal another big support and our host coordinator Sujit an eventful two weeks.

To end the busy times was an open team from UK. The 13 member team led by Andy Clarke from Nov 13-25 in Jhapa and hosted by Sandip was a good end to the October- November months.
To sum up, we built a total of 17 houses. Kudos to the team leaders and their fabulous team who made it all happen. Thanks to them for fulfilling the distant dreams of 17 families and bringing an impact in the communities and their lives. We would love to have you all again! J


Narayan said...

wonderful work! Congratulation !!!

Narayan said...

Congratulation team!!!

narayan khadka said...

congratulation team !!!

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