Tuesday, March 18, 2014

            On 3rd March, 10 Volunteers from Japan landed on Nepal with the motive to build a shelter for Acharya family in Kavre. They worked from 5th to 16th March. Over 12 days, the volunteers worked hand in hand with HFHN’s partner organization Jharana Saving and Cooperative Ltd. The team built a new house made up of stone, bricks, and cement motor with tin sheets as roof.
Volunteer mixing the cement.                                 Local Mason (right) teaching how to plaster.

The volunteers were always energetic and dedicated to the task assigned to them. During the build, they helped each other in mixing mortar, plastering and carrying the constructional tools. Along with building, the volunteers also had a very good interaction between home partners. Throughout the build, they assisted each other to build a new house for Ambika.
The volunteers were always grateful to Acharya family for their moral support, love and care.

Volunteers enjoying their work.

Ambika shared- We have been living a miserable life in rented rooms for many years.  Now it’s a time to have a decent life in a decent home. Thank you HFHN and  volunteers from Japan for helping us. You have gifted us the most beautiful home in the world.

Group picture-Volunteers with Acharya family                                  Exchanging culture (Occasion: Holi Purnima)


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