Thursday, September 18, 2008

Looking Back
HFHI-Nepal has had an extremely successful year having served 1733 families last year. In total Habitat has served 3332 families in Nepal so far. They have grown significantly during the past year by continuing to partner with local organisations, with hosting their first Global Village teams and by continued work on improving the technologies they use.

Habitat House built on Dec 2007

Habitat set up the Bamboo Enterprise for Habitat with funding from CIDA and HFH Canada. This will enable them to promote eco friendly technology by producing bamboo corrugated roofing sheets. Habitat also received support from Singapore and Korea (KOICA) for 120 and 450 families respectively. Habitat received tithes from US Affiliates and Malaysia.

Bamboo Factory Jhapa

In partnership with Caritas International and ADRA International, HFHI-Nepal has been able to provide training to over 1000 families to provide shelter. During the past year an advisory board was set up to provide counseling and advice to HFHI-Nepal.

Habitat has successfully hosted 4 International Global Village teams and 2 local teams, these teams were involved in the construction of houses as well as learning about Habitat and the work they do here in Nepal. Habitat had 8 international and 5 local volunteers working for them during the past year. Habitat developed a database of all the families that have helped thus far.

GV Teams

HFHI-Nepal has greatly benefited from the expertise of Barry Mackey, who assisted in leading the program for six months. Habitat was blessed by the visits of Wayne from HFH Canada, Patrick from HFH Singapore and Kyle from HFH-APO. Habitat assisted families that were tragically affected by the fire disaster in the Bhutan refugee camps, they partnered with UNHCR and LWF with funding assistance from HFH-Britain.

But above all of these achievements HFHI-Nepal has been blessed by God for providing volunteers both teams and individuals who have given their time, sweat, expertise and friendship in a bid to improve peoples lives here in Nepal. Habitat has also been blessed with good will and compassion from their donors as well as creative and innovative staff.

Habitat Homepartner & her family

Looking Forwards
Based on the success of last year and using the evolving fund to a greater extend habitat aim to serve over 2000 families in the coming year. Habitat will produce bamboo corrugated roofing sheets to house more families and facilitate user-friendly, cost-effective, eco-friendly, income generating technology. Habitat will introduce pre-fabricated bamboo housing that assembles quickly, especially as a proactive step towards disaster response. They will also assist families in producing sun dried bricks and straw bale and other cost effective, eco and user friendly technologies that would make housing affordable to needy families. HFHI-Nepal promotes the cultural heritage of Nepal by protecting and uplifting traditional yet architecturally advanced technologies.

Let’s join hands to assist many families bring smiles to their faces especially to the women and children- house/home means a lot to them.

We are motivated by the belief that when a family moves to a new house that night that family praise God no matter what their religion or belief is.
“Kingdom of God is not meat and drink but righteousness, joy and peace”


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