Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Habitat for Humanity International Nepal will celebrate World Habitat Day 2010 at Pokhara with over 500 invitees, including corporate groups, representatives from Governmental and Non Governmental agencies and communities. On this auspicious event Habitat for Humanity International Nepal will also launch Everest Build 2010. This event invites all the interested around the world to join Hands Hearts to help families in Pokhara, Nepal build decent affordable Homes. This will bring reality to Habitat for Humanity's vision “A world where Everyone has a Decent Place to Live”. Everest Build 2010 will focus on building over 30 houses in a week with more than 600 national and international volunteers in a community near the beautiful city Pokhara. For details please see the links.

Everest Build 2010 Flyer
Everest Build 2010 - Sponsorship Package


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