Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 has been a year where we have trained many masons and staffs to act as a technical messengers and help in building homes for the people in need. Many Mason Training and TOT trainings have been conducted until July 2012.

Mason Training:

HFH Nepal conducted seven training sessions for local masons to become technical "messengers," equipped with the knowledge of using cost-effective construction technology to build homes. The training session helped the participants to understand the importance of using locally-available raw materials in constructing low-cost houses, a welcomed saving for the poor.

A special training targeted at woman masons was also conducted. It served to empower women with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge about cost-effective and environmental friendly building technology.
Preparing mortar
Bamboo strips woven in a frame to form the wall of a house

Participants carrying mud mortar
Learning mud plastering Techniques

Creating Meaningful Life through Housing- Training of Trainers (TOT):
Habitat for Humanity Nepal conducted a two-day "Training of Trainers" (TOT) program for staff and members of 11 local organizations. These organizations, active in different parts of Nepal, are HFH Nepal's partners in its five-year 100,000 Housing Campaign.

Some highlights:
The participants of NESDO (National Educational and Social Development Organization) expressed that the training session enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of HFH Nepal's model and vision of housing as a means of escaping the cycle of poverty. Participants said “We are surprised to see such beautiful buildings made of such “cheap” materials, it is almost mesmerizing to us.” They were so overwhelmed that they started choosing from the Habitat’s brochure which house they wanted to build for themselves.

Yogendra Mandal, Executive Director of Jiwan Bikas (a key partner of the 100,000 Housing Campaign), expressed his gratitude towards HFH Nepal and also his ambition of serving the Nepalese people to raise their living standards in a poem
“Supporters and Staff of Jiwan Bikas, it is time to wake up
We have miles to go and lots to achieve
We need change, and we have to work for it
Go into every corner and every village
Raise living standards, make lives better

Changing lifestyle can never be limited to talks about loans, savings, education or health
We have to find new ways to do it,
There are many houses we need to build for the poor
Thank you Habitat for Humanity Nepal for supporting us in this
For supporting us in this!” 

A 2-day TOT session was organized for 53 participants

Group photo at the completion of the training session


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