Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Published in the Eastern Daily “Purbanchal Rastriya Dainik” December 01, 2006

Translated Version:
Life seems to have taken a brighter turn and her happiness is beyond limits for Bhumika Rai who is out of words for the security she received from her new house. The Habitat for Humanity International along with the villagers and volunteers helped her build this entirely new bamboo house.
40 years old Bhumika living with her husband Hukum and two children feels her life has changes completely. Having lived a low income oriented poverty stricken life all these years she is extremely excited for having a decent and safe place to live in built entirely with bamboo from roof to floor.
The house made for Bhumika is the first house built entirely with bamboo. Bamboo is certainly an efficient material for building houses. It is strong and durable up to 30 years and also resistant to seismic waves and high winds. This also helps in controlling global warming. Thus, this new strategy of bamboo housing will prove to be very beneficial.
Although the materials for building the house this time was provided by India, Nepal has planned to develop in this regard as well. The total investment will add up to 5 crores and each house will cost about NRs. 63000. Aruna Paul, The Country Representative of Habitat shows great assurance in this regard.
This is not only felt by Bhumika but thousands of other people who now have shelter and warmth in their houses. Kamala Gajmer is speechless as she had never thought about getting a chance to live in such a comfortable house assisted to be built by Habitat. Not only in Ilam, Habitat has also worked in Kavre, Morang and other districts and has given home to the homeless. Habitat has been working with Samjahuta Nepal and Juntara Samudayik Bikas Kendra of Ilam along with the proud home owners to build a better habitat in the district. The proud home owners deserve a good pat on the back for their sweat and determination. There is no question about the assistance given by Habitat. Yet it serves to maintain the independence of the home owners by following a micro credit system where they pay loans at very low interests.
The Program Manager of HFHI Asia Pacific, Kayal Scott expressed joy as he saw people with an improved living standard. The Country Representative of UNHCR, Abraham, expressed how building around 1500 houses and providing safety 6000 people is an achievement that needs some serious praise. He also spoke about how better living standards help in maintaining peace. Mahendra Giri of Sahara Nepal spoke of Habitat’s future plans. With the belief that every human being needs a decent place to life in, it has planned to build 1800 more houses which will play an important role in alleviating poverty.
Somnath Sureli of Journalists Association, Nepal expressed that Bamboo housing has great prospects and it must be seen that bamboo housing is thoroughly looked upon and developed. William Marsan, Shankhar Pradhanaga, Pankaj Bikram Nemang, Devi Kattel , Charles Pandey, Sandesh Parajuli of Samjhauta Nepal also expressed similar views and suggestions. The programme was managed by Amrit B.k. and Lila Thapa was honoured as the Chief Guest.


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