Monday, July 30, 2007

Asia - last day with HFHI- Nepal appreciating souvenir

Asia who used his travel time to help HFHI Nepal and spent 14 days working with the staff of HFHI Nepal to develop a much needed a “blog”.
Asia…Thank you very much for your volunteering with us from 18 June to 05 July 2007.

We appreciate for your support and assistance in developing a "blog" for HFHI-Nepal, which provides a dynamic view of the organization. This will enable HFHI Nepal to post the information on day-to-day or month-to-month activities on the projects and their successes. This is one of the best ways of on line publication of HFHI-Nepal news.
We hope your hard work on developing a “blog” will make a big difference in fulfilling the needs of the less fortunate people in the community by making a gate way to bring up lots of volunteers to Nepal.
Asia-explaining about a "blog" to HFHI-Nepal staff

On behalf of HFHI, we extend our gratitude for all your work and support. We are also grateful with your contribution in marketing our Programs. We hope you enjoyed working with us and looking forward to seeing you again!

Last but not least, we would use this opportunity to salute Asia for his volunteer efforts to assist us.


Asia Chang said...

Thanks Manisha and the rest of the HFHI-Nepal staff! It was a wonderful experience to meet and work with everyone. You guys really made me feel at home and were so generous. I wish I could have spent even more time in Nepal with the organization. The work HFHI-Nepal is doing in Nepal is really important for the country. I'm really glad I was able to share and be a part of the effort. Thanks for such a wonderful experience!

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