Friday, April 1, 2011

Two successful GV builds were hosted in the month
of March in Jhapa and Itahari respectively. Two
successful builds four complete houses and
a whole lot of happiness.

Jhapa House

The first build was Jack’s Team, very experienced and efficient. Without many instructions, the team was actually to get so much done without the mason’s assistance. And yes, it was great to see what a fun team it was. The build was coordinated by Nikita, Rajesh and Ekraj with an immense amount of support from Kanchana Village Bank. The home partners were equally great. It was heart touching how the volunteers and home partners used their own language but still communicated everything needed. All in all, the days between March 6-19 passed with lots of builds, happy faces, and cultural interaction.
Team Bolina was no less. The youth team from St. Johns accompanied by their two lovely teachers was really great. With singing, dancing, playfulness and a productive build, the team too got a lot of work done. Partners from Bipanna Mahila with host Rajesh put up an excellent job to give the kids, the home partners and everyone the best of times.
With a bit of hiccups, a whole lot of fun and another step closer to our mission to have home for everyone, the month of March was a great one… We hope April brings in more colors to everyone’s life!


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