Monday, May 2, 2011

The month started with our very first team from Malaysia. The youth team from international school of Kuala Lumpur built three houses in Kavre. The build went from April 1-6. It was interesting to see how the young group of 24 worked so hard and had fun at the same time.
The second build was an inspirational build too. The US Team to Pokhara from April 3-16 got three houses done too. With a mixture of build, cooking and fun, the team left with fond memories and lessons on living life to the fullest.

The team in Chitwan from USA completed yet another successful build from April 10-23. They proved how much they valued bringing change to other’s life by working under the scorching sun and making the home partner very thankful and happy.
To end such a great month, we had the Nepal clan team from Netherlands from April 23-30. This was the first team from Netherlands too and it was great they left Nepal with a long list of wonderful experiences and a promise to come back again.
All in all, all the teams and support staff deserve a big applause for putting in such great effort and let another month pass my where we completed a total of eight houses. I hope such times come by where we get to do more, achieve more. Let’s pray for it and move ahead!


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