Friday, May 30, 2014

Reecha Sharma born on 16 July 1987 is a beautiful model turned actress who has been popular for her acting in movies, music videos and ramps. Reecha believes “life is not a bed of roses”. Modelling and acting has always been a passion for Reecha. Film world has been a part of her life. Daily shooting, acting, crying and laughing is her schedule apart from her reality world. In addition to her film world, Reecha is also a Youth Ambassador of Habitat for Humanity Nepal. She was introduced as HFH Nepal Youth ambassador in 2014 with the motive of drawing the attention of youth towards the need of decent housing which enable families to maintain a healthy and secure life as well as promoting the spirit of volunteerism
In the meantime, while Reecha was in a procedure of shooting her upcoming movie as a cop, she was asked to shoot a scene in a movie where she had to drive a heavy vehicle towards a house and break into it. Yes, being an actress it was her obligation to do the scene but her humanity does not let her do so. So, when she was questioned on her rejection to the scene she firmly answered that she is an ambassador of HFH Nepal working in favor of building shelter and cannot give a shot for breaking down the house. Therefore, in one hand while she has been engaged in something concerned with constructing how can she act on something related with destroying?
She shares- Neither my heart will let me do this scene nor my guts. I can say nothing much but a clear NO to this scene from my side. I am committed to to build homes and give life and hopes to the homeless.  


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