Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Home Owner Nirmala &
 her Children  
Summer means hot temperature with long days making it difficult to work. But this team of 7 from USA never hesitated to give their best in such weather. On 6th of April, a GV team from USA came to Nepal to build a shelter for Nirmala in Panchkhal, Kavre.

The team constructed a 3-room house made up of stone, mud and unburnt bricks with walls of stone and galvanized iron sheet roof. The American volunteers along with HFH Nepal’s partner organization, Gramin Women Development Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd, worked together to construct a decent house for Nirmala. During the build, the volunteers made mud mortars, lay stone, dug soil, stamped on mud water and also learnt how to use construction tools.

Valerie Plaskt, team leader, was always encouraging her team members to work hard. She was truly leading her team to accomplish the work. Additionally, the team and home partner had very good interaction making the build much easier.
GV team working on the Construction site

Valerie Plaskt shared- “This is my 4th GV including Nepal and I am glad to have been part of all these builds to change lives by building a shelter for the families.
photos from  House dedication ceremony 


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