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Canadian GV -December 2013

Hadisha’s previous house

When team leader Carol LarLee of the Canadian Global Village team specially requested for a Muslim home partner, HFH Nepal host coordinator Rajesh Rai acknowledged the need and wish of the team to help a family similar to their identity.

On December 22 2013, 12 volunteers from College of North Atlantic, Qatar joined hands to build a home for Hadisha Khatun of Pashchim Kushaha, Sunsari.

Pashchim Kushaha is a resettlement area for the victims of the Koshi flood in 2008. Since the people lost most of their belongings in the disaster, the houses are made temporarily without proper planning of the construction or of water and sanitation facilities.

Among those in the community Hadisha Khatun is a single woman living with her parents and her 10 year old son. Hadisha sells vegetables at the local market and earns just enough to buy daily basic needs.

Hadisha working
 on the bamboo pillar

Since it was the time of Christmas and New Year, a time of togetherness and new beginnings, the team made sure the build to be a special moment in Hadisha’s life

Team leader Carol Larlee 
carrying mud for the plaster

Over nine days, the volunteers from Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Canada and India successfully built a bamboo house for Hadisha. On the house dedication ceremony, as a gratitude and appreciation for their labors of love, Hadisha offered them a local delicacy of chicken for lunch. 

She said: “I did not expect that volunteers from faraway lands would come to build my house and help me. As they worked very hard for my house, I offered them our local food. After all of it, I am more than happy.”

Volunteer Mikko Marchadesch
 on the mud pit

Volunteer Mikko Marchadesch said: “Thank you for the memorable and unforgettable experience. The things I learned were cleaning the bamboo to the right quality, mixing of the mud needed and the accomplishment and the bond with everyone. This reminded me of the things that I have to be thankful for. It has inspired me to help more people in the future in every way I can. Whatever it may be, change starts with me. 

Volunteer Haleema Raja with Hadisha 
at the house dedication ceremony

Volunteer Haleema Raja said: “Rajesh dada (brother), our host coordinator was amazing. We couldn’t have anyone better. Also, helping someone made me feel great.”

It has been the second Global Village experience for Team leader Carol Larlee and she is determined to return to Nepal. She said: “Rajesh is wonderful to work with. Everyone enjoyed having him on the team. I will come back again and help more needy families.”


FORWARD staffs working along with the volunteers

Rajesh Rai, host coordinator said: “As the build was in the holiday season, I like to think of it as the most blessed build. The team was excited to work and our partner organization was effective and efficient. I look forward to seeing the team again in the future. I think we can work in any type of community in the future.”

Further, the event was a milestone for HFH Nepal’s partner organization Forum for Rural Women Ardency Development (FORWARD) since it was their first. The staff also participated during the build week along with the volunteers. The event was also highlighted in the local newspapers Janabidroha National Daily and Blast Times on January 1, 2014.

Hadisha infront of her new home


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