Monday, January 27, 2014

Families Revisited: Team Leader Bruce Merges

Bruce Merges lead a team to Pokhara in May 2013 where, he and his team of 27 volunteers built three concrete block houses. Bruce revisited the families in January 2014 and here is what he had to say:

“I had the opportunity to go back to the village of Cristy in Pokhara to visit the three homes that our team built with Habitat for Humanity Nepal last May.  I was fortunate to meet with two of the families. My visit was unexpected and without prior notice, but they greeted me with open arms and huge smiles. They made it clear that they were very happy that we didn’t forget them.  The homes were fully occupied, and in some cases improved on since our team were there.  It was very rewarding to bring the build full circle and get to see the families using the homes.  I know we made an impact with our hands-on approach to giving.  The families will never forget us, and we will never forget them and our fantastic experience.”

Bruce with Raju & His Family

Raju and His family with his New completed house


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