Friday, January 31, 2014

On January 5, 2014,

7 volunteers from the USA worked along with Habitat for Humanity Nepal’s partner organization Amardeep Mahila Utthan Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha to build one cement and block house for Dilu B.K. Throughout the 12 days, the team mixed mortar, laid the concrete blocks and carried cement blocks and water. The volunteers who had good skill and techniques helped in roofing, plastering the walls.
Volunteers shared their experience:                                                               
“I have always loved children. In this build, the children of the home partners were full of joy and happiness. I enjoyed every moment while in the build with them.” – Allie Ferraro    “It is great to be in the presence of love of the community”- Kathleen Daly. 

Volunteer David Barkman laying cement block

Volunteer Ian Morris bringing sand bag to mix the mortar

Volunteer Kathleen plastering

Team Leader Rebecca Mc Whorter handover team photo during house dedication ceremony


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