Friday, February 7, 2014

Team leader Simone Tabor and her team members from Netherland joined hands on January 26, 2014 to build a shelter for Prabha Shrestha and Goma Mijar. These 17 volunteers worked along with Habitat for Humanity Nepal’s partner organization Sri Gramin Women Development Multiple Purpose Cooperative Ltd. in Kavre to build stone and mud house for Prabha, and brick and cemented house for Goma. Over 6 days, they victoriously built a concrete house for Prabha and Goma, and learnt a typical way of constructing house, enduring a joy of helping others.
Gerard one of the team members shared that he will be visiting Gomas’ house after a year along with his wife.
It’s true that comparatively we have more amount of money than Nepalese do have. But we feel self-satisfied to help Nepalese with those amounts. – Dennis.

Volunteers Leveling ground 

Volunteers splitting bamboos

Sieve the sand

Volunteer carrying a shack of sand


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