Friday, March 21, 2014

         Habitat for Humanity Nepal in partnership with Habitat
for Humanity Australia provided access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation to 113 ex-bonded laborer families in the Far Western Region of Nepal.  
        Every 2 families in the community have been provided with a tube well in their backward which enables easy access to water for the families. Due to such WASH related activities the community in Manhera are now enjoying proper hygiene facilities as they have received water and sanitation facilities. Various awareness and health trainings programs were also provided to the community to help them learn about the various healthy habits and cleaning latrines regularly. 

          The community members are more aware of the consequences of open defecation, use of clean and safe drinking water and regular use of latrines. This provision of adequate access to water and sanitation has led to a decline in the outbreak of various disease in the community and has made families and children healthier resulting in the reduced rate of medical expenses. 


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