Tuesday, March 18, 2014

          On February 1, Japanese team at Pokhara united to construct a new house for Sita Pariyar. Throughout the 14 days, the team along with Habitat for Humanity Nepal’s partner organization Shreejana Development Center worked to build a cement block house with galvanized iron sheet roof.

The volunteers helped in plastering, flooring, roofing and landscaping. They highly dedicated their time and sweat in building a shelter for Sita and her family.

The volunteers were very dedicated and hard working. Each day they would come to the site with a motive to complete a certain part of a home. They were not just building home, they were building happiness for Pariyar. Volunteers had a pleasant time covering themselves with dirt, sand. 

                Volunteers working on site

Sita Pariyar’s house built by Japanese team at Pokhara.                                                  Japanese ladies with Home Partner


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