Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Home Partner Manamaya Tamang. & team member
“It’s a terror to live nearby these jungles in an unprotected place. I always dreamt of having my own well-built home and that has come true today. Thank you Canadian GV team for your support and keen work.”    Home Partner Manamaya Tamang.

anamaya Tamang from Bharatpur, Chitwan belongs to a poor family. Since many years they had been residing near a jungle in a fragile house. She always wanted a spacious and strong house for her family. In the meantime, a Canadian team of 14 joined their hands to fulfill her dream. Over 13 days, this team succeeded to erect a 3-room cemented block house with CGI sheet roof.


GV Team working on the Construction site
The team worked along with HFH Nepal’s partner organization Amardeep Cooperative Ltd for the construction of the house. The volunteers assisted in carrying blocks, preparing cement mortar, plastering walls and roofing. They contributed their sweat and toiled in order to fulfill a dream of a family they were unknown to, before visiting Nepal.

photos from House Dedication Ceremony



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