Thursday, June 5, 2014

Volunteers helping each other on the site

On 11 May 2014, 13 volunteers from Qatar united together at Bharatpur, Chitwan to build a shelter for Home partner Mohan Maya Rimal. Mohan Maya is a single breadwinner of her family who works as a labor to earn her living. Since many years she has been staying at her daughter’s place and was in desperate need of her own house. 

In the meantime, the volunteers from Qatar joined their hands to provide Rimal her house of her dream. Over a week the team constructed a decent house for Rimal. The house was made of cement blocks and stones with stone foundation. During the build volunteers worked along with HFH Nepal’s partner organization Amardeep Saving and Cooperative Ltd. All the members of team assisted in carrying stones, mixing cement and preparing mortar for building. In addition to that they learnt to use the constructional tools as shovel for mixing mortar, trowel for building walls and hand saw for cutting wood planks. Despite the scorching rays of sun, the team enjoyed working together.


Volunteers shared their experiences:
GV team working on the Construction site
“During the trip I went through many different emotional feelings. From thinking why did I ever apply to this trip when working under the rearing sun on the first day to this is perhaps, the best thing I did while standing on the elephant on the river. Overall, the construction program was a great way to know people and help the needy one, and one that I can cherish for very long time. If time and circumstances permit, I would like to come back again as a GV team to a different place in Nepal with different ethnicities and geography.” - Aayush Karki


“The only reason my summer was good was because I volunteered for this service trip. I loved the welcome and farewell ceremony. Even though, it was my first time in a construction site, I was able to learn how to use tools and what to do for finishing work. I hope to go in more service trips.” - Omar Mohamed

I have gained leadership, teamwork, and construction skills here. I would not have received it anywhere else. I’ve learned a lot about the culture and will never forget this.”- Mounir Sheikh

“Building houses was the best thing and interacting with locals and spreading happiness to the faces.” - Lamis AL-agamy

Group Photo with home owner Mohan Maya Rimal 



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